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When I saw this quote, I thought of our Christmas Eve service.  We ened the service with each person holding a lit candle.  The ushers turn off the lights but the space isn’t dark.  Instead it glows in the warmth of candle light.  The pastor sends us on our way with a simple direction – carry Christ’s light with us out into the world.

This morning I saw just how easy it is to share this light with others.  A young man walked into the local diner. He wore worn jeans, a faded shirt and taped work boots.  It would be easy to judge.

A man walked up to him and asked about his trade.  The young man lit up and told him about his landscaping work.  Then he posted about it and thanked this man and his parents for respecting him working with his hands.

Someone passed a light to him and he passed it on.  Christ’s light and love moved from one to another and through the community.

As you move through your day, periodically hold up your candle.  Look a those around you in the Love and Light of Christ.  Then find an opportunity to share this light.  Many tiny flames can push back the darkness.


Candles…you see them everywhere in this holiday season. They flicker from Advent wreaths and menorahs, glow in homes and churches alike. It seems we need light more than ever, as recent tragedies have made clear. Here is a poem for Christmas. May your days be lit with the love of family and the peace of blessed connection.

In need of illumination,

we light a single candle.

A fragile flame so easily extinguished —

a wind of sighs, a bath of tears

can blot it out in an instant.

It is our undertaking

to guard the flame.

For if the candle goes out,

we will be alone with the darkness

we ourselves have made.

Defend the light

or suffer in shadow:

It is our choice.

Take my hand.

Let us begin.

I will be taking some time off to be with family, but will return to blogging in the new year. Have a safe and lovely holiday, everyone.


Have a Mary Little Christmas

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