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In her last post, Lori wrote about having an earworm or a jingle stuck in her head.  Boy, do I know how that goes.  I’ll get one line of song stuck in my head and it plays on and on. More often than not, it is a hymn or anthem.

When we have choir rehearsal, we often work on 4 or 5 anthems.  One is for the upcoming week, and the rest will cover the coming month.  One week we perfect the notes and singing full vowels.  Next, we work on dynamics, getting louder and softer.  Then there’s breathing and getting the message across.

That last one is the toughest for me.  How do you sing a song so that you cause the audience to feel a certain way?  To a point, it has to do with the music itself and the notes you are singing.  A part of it is the words.  And of course the dynamics play a part as well.

It isn’t surprising that by the time we are done working on a song, a bit of it is stuck in my head.  And I’m not the only one.  In the ladies room, I hear someone in the far stall humming the chorus.  As I walk down the hall, I hear the men’s harmony coming from around the corner.

We each have a slightly different earworm but they are all a part of the larger message for God.  Maybe just maybe that’s why He needs us working together.  We each come way from the experience with our own earworm, our own take on the whole.  Individually, each is just a fraction of the whole.  Only together can we bring God’s message to the world.



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