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Image result for the jetstreamIf only someone would invent a hink-o-meter, we’d know what kind of day it would be. Are people in a hinky mood today? Is there “something in the air” and things just don’t seem to be going right? Perhaps in the future, scientists will discover there really is an actual “wavelength” in the universe, just as there’s a jet stream, and it affects everybody in the world.

So often, as Lori, SueBE and I check in with each other from different states, it seems that we’re all having the same kind of day.

Could it be that there’s a universal energy frequency, and each of us will experience the same things in different forms? No spoilers, though; I’m on Eastern time, while SueBE and Lori are in Central time, an hour behind me. 

I could give them insider information and tell them how the day turns out, but that’s against the prime directive (a la Star Trek): Don’t interfere in other cultures in the universe. Let them find their own way.

It does seem that the three of us (writer pun ahead) are often all on the same page, and I’m going to go out on a limb like Shirley MacLaine here, and predict that future scientists will discover that there is such a thing as an actual “world wavelength.” 

Once it’s discovered, people will be allowed to work from home to bypass all the hink that arises on brittle wavelength days (road rage, miscommunication, packages lost in the mail, etc.)  It won’t be called a “sick day,” but a “hink day.”

Until that’s all sorted out, giving others the benefit of the doubt and sticking to the Golden Rule is the best defense against Hink Overload.


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