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The other day, I was so productive and got so many tasks checked off my list, I felt as if I’d gotten things done. Then yesterday, I felt rudderless and got very little done. Today, I feel like I’m back into productive mode again. What’s going on?

Every day, you get a chance to start over. But each morning when you look in the mirror, a different version is actually looking back at you. When I woke up today, I realized: I’m not the same person I was yesterday. Not in the dramatic confrontation of lovers in a novel, (You’re not who I thought you were! Cad!) but in the sense that the conditions that prevailed yesterday are not present today.  

And yesterday, you had an ache, or a thing weighing heavily on your mind, or a memory that popped up that you really didn’t know what to do with. You’re dealing with a continuous flow of information and emotion.

It’s not just the data coming at you that you have to absorb, but the intention behind the actions. Is it against protocol these days to speak to each other honestly? Wouldn’t you rather know the truth than continue to pretend everything’s fine?

According to an article about communication etiquette in the modern age, these days, the iron-clad rule is: “Don’t call me before you text.” It used to be, don’t come over to the house without calling first. All of these streams of information are a lot to process and can lead to a logjam.

Take the pressure off yourself to live up to who you were yesterday. Or even who you hope to be tomorrow. Be here. Be now. Do what you can today. Then tomorrow? You’ll get the chance to figure it out all over again.

Credit: Elfie Hall

When my son was young, he asked me how to pronounce the name of a particular Egyptian pharaoh.

“Hatshepsut,” I said. “Friends called him Bill.”

He cracked up, so I had to keep going. “I mean, what else could they call him? Hat? Shep? Sut? Nah. Bill.”

Looking up the name on the computer later, I was mildly chagrined to learn that this ruler was actually a woman! Oh, blerg. Digging deeper, even that fact was in question, so I wasn’t too far off the mark after all.

History is fascinating – and often funny – isn’t it? And so is the future.

When the actor who played Steve on “Blue’s Clues” left the show, he seemed to have fallen off the face of the Earth. Today I read that  a newly-discovered aurora borealis has been given the unlikely moniker, “Steve.” Coincidence? Perhaps. Now, I’m not suggesting that this light formation is actually Steve Burns in deep disguise, but let’s just say, I’ve never seen them in the same room together. 🤔

It’s one of life’s great joys to be able to laugh about silly things and spin a yarn. But when it comes to forgiveness, we may find it hard to let go and laugh things off. It’s as important to forgive ourselves as to forgive others.

If Bill is the past and Steve is the future, we could look upon them both more kindly. We might feel the same way about ourselves as we look back with regret, or look ahead with uncertainty. That’s the yester-you, and she did her best at the time. And that’s the you-to-come. She’ll do her best as well.

Be good to yourself and it’s a breeze to be good to others. There’s a word for that, isn’t there? Oh, yeah. Love.

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