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A kindness is never wasted.  It seems like such an old-fashioned sentiment that when I created the graphic for today, nothing looked right until I used my grandmother’s china as a backdrop.


Kindness is something that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this week, perhaps because I was so recently the recipient.  We’re all busy people.  When I asked my friends for prayers, everyone could have said yes and hurried on their way.  But they took a few minutes for a chat and hug and even to send a few funnies via Facebook.  I’ve been receiving these kindnesses all week.

As I receive them, I feel inspired to send them out to others both through Facebook and Pinterest.  Then a funny thing happened.  I got a message from one of the recipients telling me how much she appreciated that I would even take the time to talk to her because so many others won’t.

Kindness is never wasted and you never know when your small act will mean a great deal to someone with a hurting heart.  It is one of the most Christlike things that we can do.

It may sound old fashioned, it may even be old fashioned, but it is a truly amazing thing, because kindness begets kindness.  Why not find a way to drop a small ray of kindness into someone’s life today?



Have a Mary Little Christmas

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