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“It is criminal that children are being kept in cages.”  Pop.

“No one should go hungry in such a wealthy country.”  Pop.  Pop.

“Young people need more opportunities.”  Pop. Pop. Pop.

Words are mere bubbles.  What an image!  So often we post about things that are wrong – injustice, hunger, impatience.  But posts and comments are nothing more than words.

Only deeds can make a difference.

That can be intimidating.  How can I solve these big problems.  But I had a little reminder yesterday that people working together can make a huge difference.

We attended a Christmas concert Sunday at a local shrine.  Paint swatches on one wall made it clear.  Upkeep in a 200 year old church is a constant concern.  And it takes money.

If the caretaker had asked any one person to pay for the paint required for yards and yards of fencing, that person surely would have taken a step back.  Who knows how much all of that paint would cost?  I certainly don’t.  But she simply asked for anyone who was able to put a few dollars in the collection basket.

I don’t know how many of us there were but the pews were close to full.  The basket that came down our pew was full and I’m sure the other two were equally well fed.

When a group of concerned and caring Christians work together we can accomplish worthy things.  Our deeds are like drops of gold.


crowdI have to admit that I hung on every word of Lori’s most recent post.  As a boy mom, the boy and I have had many discussions lately about the rape and the sentencing. The boy has, in fact, been surprisingly patient.  Only once have I gotten a mini-lecture. “Mom, you know I know this.”

And he’s not the only one.  The two young men who put a stop to what was happening saw the wrong-ness and knew they had to step in. They did this in spite of a pervasive attitude in this country that young women “ask for it.”

We also have a tendency to tell the victims of awful crimes that something bad happened to them but that it is okay.  It’s okay because it is all part of God’s bigger plan.

Seriously, I do not think that at that beginning of time God said “this young woman will be raped in order that THIS AMAZING THING WILL HAPPEN.”  Um, no.  God loves us.  God loves the victim.  Yes, he also loves the rapist but that’s another issue.

God loves us but he gave us free will. This means that sometimes we make the decision to do some really awful things to each other.  Fortunately we also do some pretty amazing things like see a rape taking place and deciding to put a stop to it.

By trying to write off bad experiences as God’s will, we absolve ourselves of all guilt.  “God wanted it to happen. There’s nothing I could have done so I’ll just keep right on moving along, minding my own business.”

God put us all here for a reason. He gave us the will to act. It is up to us to decide which choices we will make.  Some days we will make bad choices but, with some effort and the help of like-minded God-aware people, we can make more good decisions than bad.

That means that when you see wrong-ness, you need to step up, step out and speak up.  God has given you the freedom to act.



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