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Where did we get the idea that we should alway win?  Seriously, I don’t remember my mom telling me that.

Besides winning carries with it its own set of problems.  Something that authors talk about is the imposter syndrome.  Following a big sale, you start to wonder.  Do I really deserve to be here?  Can I do it again?  What if this was just a fluke?

Authors may talk about it but I bet the rest of you feel the same way periodically.  What if, after a promotion, you simply can’t do the job?  What if you come to regret the move into the new house?  Getting into your dream college?

This is why it is vital that we all be true to who and whose we are.  Christ was clear.  Honor God.  Honor your neighbor, which he defined rather broadly. Help the poor.  Work with the talents God gave you in doing these things.  Be true. Live up to your light.

The rest?  You’ll win some.  You’ll lose some.  That I remember hearing from my mom again and again and again.


Spread joy when others are sowing disharmony.

Have a Mary Little Christmas

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