This quote caught my eye because I just read a children’s picture book with this theme.  Sky Color by Peter Reynolds is about a young artist.  When her class gets to paint a mural for the school library, they draw the picture together.  Each member of the class selects something to paint.  Marisol, our young artist, will paint the sky but there is no blue paint.  On the way home from school, she observes the sky and returns to class the next day with an out-of-the box plan.  She is going to create a sky that contains the dawn, the dusk, the rain, the night and more. It is a truly inspirational book.

And it has made me think about the limitations that I place on myself and my world.

Our living room is spacious.  Our dining room much less so.  Yet, we lived with that for 17 years only recently putting the dining room table in the living room.  It is now a favorite work place and we eat in there several times a week.  And although the sofa is more than a bit cozy in the dining room, I’ve noticed it attracting a higher number of readers as well.

How often do we do this to ourselves, overlooking possibilities because we only consider the conventional?  Christ ignored common social boundaries.  He ate with a tax collector, taught women and healed on the Sabbath.   I wonder what unconventional things he would do today?