Sometimes a week will pass and I don’t post anything of significance on social media.  I may share someone else’s Tweet or a joke on Facebook, but nothing personal makes it onto social media.

It isn’t that I’m not doing anything or that nothing is going on in my life, but I try to make it a habit not to post anything negative.  Unless I can make it funny.  If I can make someone laugh at my expense, I’m all in.  So I post about the soccer announcer that I can hear loud and clear from two blocks away.  Our my attempts to drive my husband’s jeep which is an automatic but mysteriously much trickier than my stick.

This doesn’t mean that my life is all sunshine and twittering birds.  But there are enough negatives tossed into the world every day.  So some days I don’t post.  I sign off, get a cup of coffee and read or weave or brush the cat.  Small positive things can light up a day.