Is it possible to resolve frustrating situations without feeling like you’re about to boil over or lash out? I wonder if we can turn it around. Make it a habit to flip the channel.

Oddly enough, as I was typing this post, I got annoyed by something and couldn’t stay on the positive frequency I was writing about. As I typed “make it a habit to flip the channel,” my hands typed “make it a habit to chip the flannel.”

Wow! I made my own point to myself. I didn’t stay on the positive channel and it instantly sent a negative impulse from my brain through my hands onto the page.

You see, I’d been arguing with Amazon customer service after they sent me this notification: “your package was left in a secure location.” Look at the picture along with this post. Do you see where they left my package? Yes, friends, it was left on top of my trash bin. Out on my driveway. On garbage day. That would be the opposite of a secure location! 

Could it be that we’re all so wrapped up in our own worlds as we walk through the day that we just don’t realize what we’re doing? Or maybe there’s been something in the air lately. We’ve had a lot of astronomical events recently, including meteor showers and last night’s “Black Supermoon.” Then there’s the extreme weather, including tornadoes, earthquakes, heatwaves and thunderstorms. Maybe Mother Earth is in a mood, too.

Whatever’s going on around you now, there’s a way to get back to center, but it helps to get out of that thought bubble. Give yourself a chance to release it like a balloon. Flip the channel. Tomorrow, the stars will align in a different configuration and things will be back to normal.