Today I watched a TED video on adaptability.  The speaker discussed a meeting between John Antioco, the CEO of Blockbuster, and Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix.  Hastings wanted to create a partnership to manage Antioco’s online business.  Antioco wasn’t interested because Blockbuster was making millions through their stores.  Now that Blockbuster is bankrupt and gone, I wonder if Antioco even remembers that meeting?

What does this have to do with prayer or faith?  How many of our faith communities are stuck with a mindset similar to Antioco’s?  We are so focused on managing our current membership that we can’t even contemplate the possibilities of meeting our new neighbors, neighbors who may not look like us or worship like us.  Their needs might be fairly different too as their kids struggle in school because they lack language or other foundation skills.

This doesn’t even touch on the fact that many churches and faith communities also completely ignore our online neighbors.  When I talk to people at church about PrayPower, many of them trout. That’s my son’s cheeky term for staring glassy-eyed and mouth agape.  An online community?  How can that be?

Christ was a rebel.  He ate with tax collectors.  Women were leaders.  And he took the word of God beyond the traditional community.

Thank you for being part of the PrayPower online Faith community!