As I headed to the community center to drop my son off at work, I spotted a group of kids with a lemonade stand.  How cool is that?  I would definitely stop on the way home – unless it was the pit bull house.  Several neighbors had spoken to me about this woman – her vicious dog, her bad attitude and her trashy kids.

Really, you had to call the kids names?  Pick on kids or an animal and you’ve lost me.  That’s just the way it is.  Still, this woman has never been anything but cold to me.

But the kids were so enthusiastic when I drove by on the way home, waving their sign and trying to flag me down.  I pulled into my drive and got several dollars out of my purse.  Then I hiked back up the street, hoping for the best.

As I got crossed to their side, the little boy started cheering.  “Here comes a lady.  Here she comes.”  Seriously, we should all get such an enthusiastic greeting.

His sister, about ten, was much less enthused but she was polite.  She and her mother told me they were raising money for school supplies.  They had hand squeezed lemonade, kool ade, pop corn, pickels and chips.  I was impressed that the kids both had on food service gloves as they filled my cup with ice and pushed the button on the lemonade dispenser.

Mom and I discussed the new school arrangement – our district has rezoned all schools.  Our local grade school is no longer K through 6 but is now pre-K through 2.  The school about 2 miles away is 3 through 5 which is where the daughter will be going.  She’s nervous about being bussed so I told her a bit about my own experience being bussed.  “You are so much closer than I was.  Your mom will be super handy if there’s a problem.”  “Really?”  “Oh, yeah.  She’s not going to let you be too far away.”

Mom and I had a really nice chat.  We talked about the history of the district.  We talked about other districts that have made similar changes.  And then I wished the kids good luck as they moved on to wait on their next customer.

I walked home with a cold glass of lemonade in my hand, glad I listened to that small voice that told me to stop.