It isn’t like I’m a narcissist.  I don’t think I’m universally beloved, but I do manage to get on okay with most people. That said, I know I rub some people the wrong way.  One woman in my yoga class makes a point of inserting herself into whatever group I’m in that particular day.  And then, when I annoy her, which I invariably do, she visibly clenches her hands into fists.  Sometimes she even makes a face.

I have to admit that I have no clue how to deal with this woman.  On a good day, I just take a deep breath and let it slide.  On a less good day, I’m tempted to ask her if she’s having a seizure.  Do we need to call an ambulance?  But that’s also poking fun at her which I know is wrong.

I know it, but I sure do have a hard time remembering it.  Today I simply turned and walked to the other side of the room, taking my place and doing some deep breathing exercises.  Pause, inhale. Pause, exhale.  Pause, inhale.  Pause exhale.

This is definitely better than asking about seizures but better still would be to pray.

I know, I know, I could ask her what is wrong.  But I’m seriously still really tempted to be a smarty pants and I’m pretty certain that actually trying to discuss it would be more than my weak will could withstand.  Pause inhale.  Pause exhale.

I know I’m not universally loved.  But I also know that I have extreme smarty pants tendencies.

Pause inhale.

Pause exhale.

And pray.