My Dad taught electrical lab at a two year college.  He was infamous for asking his students to explain themselves.  “Why?”  One year, a student came in dressed for Halloween.  Strictly speaking, this was not allowed because they had to wear uniforms.  But he wore one of Dad’s lab coats and stalked through the room chanting why why why.  Everyone got a kick out of it, including my dad.

To say that I was a kid who asked a lot of questions is an understatement.  Dad answered what he could and did what was needed to find answers for the rest.

Imagine my horror, and no I’m not exagerating, when I heard from some of my son’s frriends about being asked to leave church and never come back.  Why?  Because they asked questions in Sunday school.

One kid asked if Jesus died and then came back, how come he wasn’t a zombie.  He was promptly disinvited from church.  Me?  I thought it was a question that made a lot of sense.  Zombies die and come back.  Christ died and came back.  What’s the difference?

Granted, I’m a boy mom.  And, yes, he was most likely trying for a laugh, but tossing a kid out of Sunday school?

You don’t have to have all of the answers at your finger tips.  After all, you most likely aren’t a computer.  It would be totally okay to say that you know they are different but you need someone with more knowledge to help answer the question.  This is, after all, the type of question our minister could go on and on about.  He, after all, works with Scouts.

“Why?  That’s an excellent question.  Let me find the answer and I’ll get back to you.”  That’s a perfectly legitimate answer.