One of my friends works at a company that makes customized blankets and yard banners and much, much more.  Recently she explained to me how they do it.  When they make a blanket that is printed with an image of someone’s pet, they first print that image in reverse on a blanket-sized piece of paper.  Once that has been done, the blanket must be spread out oh so carefully so that it feeds through the steam press without shifting or wrinkling.  Then, as it passes over the paper, is it blasted with super steam.  The steam transfers and sets the image.

When I learn something and don’t use it, I forget. Then I find myself having to re-learn that particular skill.

Praying for my enemies?  Oh, yeah.  That does work.  It really changes my stinking thinking around.

Using my prayer beads?  Right — it slows down my thoughts and keeps my praying for much longer than my usual short-and-sweet memos to God.

Praying while I walk a labyrinth?  That’s one of the best places for me to hear God.

Knowledge that I don’t use is quickly lost.  Sure, it is wonderful when I regain it but how much better is it when use sets it up as a reliable practice?  Set by steam, ready for daily use.