Every year, our presbytery issues a challenge.  For those of you who aren’t Presbyterian, a presbytery is something like an archdiocese.  This year our challenge is to tackle hunger in our communities.

When Rev, Howard challenges us to tackle hunger, he isn’t thinking “they can just pray about it.”  Yes, prayer is a part but we also need to put our prayers in action.  There need to be verbs.

For our part, our congregation expanded our community garden.  The purpose of this garden?  To feed the community.  We doubled the size of the garden and added a bush cherry, three apple trees and four blackberry brambles.  Last week, we made our first harvest.

While the lettuce is looking beautiful, the first thing to be ready to harvest was the row of radishes.  One pound may not sound like a lot but we will get almost that many more and then we will replant them.  Who know that radish seeds grow so quickly?  Not me.  That’s for sure.

Fortunately, the local hungry aren’t relying on just me.  There are people in our congregation who actually know what they’re doing.  They’ve planted kale and lettuce, spinach and corn, and cucumbers.  There will, once again, be lots and lots of cucumbers.

Praying about a problem is good, but as Chevalier said, we need verbs.  We need actions.  We need to add hands and feet to our prayers.  In this particular instance, that means planting.

Sit down and think for a moment.  What are your prayers for your community?  How can you add a verb to these prayers?   Christ, after all, called us to walk among the people.