My son and his friend are going to see a concert in Washington DC, and when he told me, I said, “That’s nice, honey, have fun.” I assumed he’d be taking the train.

This morning I realized he was taking our car on this road trip. Oh! That’s a three-and-a-half hour drive. In our old car. I love my car, Carrie (pronounced Kahr-ee, if you would), but she’s been through a lot. Six recalls thus far. She’s been in an accident and is a bit banged up. Is she up for this challenge?

There’s no spare tire in the car, which concerns me, but he countered that he’s got Triple A. He said he’d be careful and that I shouldn’t worry. Okay! Check.✅ Then I won’t. Har har. I offered some snacks and juice for the road, and he and his friend were on their way.

Then I looked out the window at the latest iteration of varmint-trap the wildlife company had set for my resident groundhog, Grady. They’d come out last Thursday to set the first trap, and he dug his way out it. Then the next day, they set two traps, pushed together. He dug out of that one too. Today, they covered the ground with some mesh wire and set up two more traps.

At this rate, if Grady finds his way out of the trap, I’m just going to call it a sub-let and start charging him rent!

You can’t fix everything that’s broken in life in one day. You can’t cover your kids with a golden shield to protect them. All you can do is this: all you can do. Worrying isn’t the same as doing. When you stop running in place, you’ll be amazed at how much ground you can cover.