Have you noticed that when you act NOW, something gets done.  When you put it off for a better time, things keep getting put off.  Believe me.  I have a truly frightening to-do list.

I’ve been creating these Inaugurate Light messages for about two years now, pairing positive thoughts with images and circulating them in the cyber world.   Lately it just hasn’t been doing it for me.  I need to do something else.  Or something more.

I’ve started writing to someone each week.  That will be fifty-two cards in a year.  I started it in March so I’ve only done three so far.

I got a huge surprise the other day because one of our teens came squealing up to me and grabbed me in a huge hug.  “Thank you for the note!”

Um, okay.  Yeah.  That’s cool.

I was more than a little surprised.  But apparently something that seems small to me can seem pretty big to someone else.  A card.  A smile.  Looking someone in the eye.  It doesn’t have to be big but, to have an impact, you need to do it.  So why not do it now?