You know how it is. Some people instantly “get” you.  No explanations are needed when something cracks you up because they’re laughing too.

I had never thought about how this might look to others but then someone at church stopped a group of us.  “Do you know how worrisome it looks when you’re all laughing.”

Cricket.  Cricket.  Cricket.

Seriously?  Why would it be worrisome?

You see, he wasn’t joking.  This was one of those well-intentioned warnings.  “You must not know how this looks to someone else…”

Frequently, we’re laughing about something we goofed up in choir. “Oh, well.  Maybe no one heard.”

Does this mean we should stop laughing?

Nope.  Laughter is a gift from God.  When we can laugh at our own mistakes, and there are plenty of mistakes to laugh at, they become less worrisome. And who knows?  Maybe next time we really will do better.

Until then? We have the laughter which helps keep us positive.  And, apparently, more than a little annoying.