This week in women’s Bible study we read 2 Chronicles 20 about King Jehoshaphat and his defeat of several enemy kings.  It wasn’t that Jehoshaphat didn’t have a mighty army.  He did!  But God told them to stand firm and watch and God would take care of it all.  And the two allied armies defeated each other.

Read the Bible and time and time again you will find stories of impossible things – a few loaves and fished feeding a multitude, water turning into wine, a sea parting.  These things don’t happen because someone worked super hard or had a plan for instant success.


God did the impossible.

If you are a type-A control freak like I am, the thought that great things can be done if I stand firm and believe is disconcerting.  Isn’t there a plan?  Five easy steps?  A schematic?

But no.  The key is standing firm in God.

Now if only I could remember that when I’m scrambling around trying to figure out what to do.

Stand firm.  Believe.