Take a deep breath. Then let it out.  I have to admit that I’m feeling pretty good as I write this.  My sciatica may be bothering me but I went to yoga anyway.  At least the way I do it, yoga is slow exercise.

Try to get into the pose.  Tip over.  Realize you’re using the wrong arm/leg.  Redo.  Tip again. Finally get it and then wait.  Breathe.  Wait.

A big part of yoga is holding the pose and waiting in the tension.  Breathe.

It has been good practice for life.  I’m a wee bit Type A.  When I let my inner anal retentive reign, everything has to be just so and it has to be NOW.  Yoga has taught me to ease into things which is a good habit to develop in a multi-tasking, hurried world.

When I take it slow, I have time to listen.  I can see those around me.  And I find more opportunities to project God’s light into this hurried, troubled world.