By now, I suppose that many of us have let our resolutions slide.  Maybe you tried to start exercising and then your town was iced in.  Or you started watching your diet but . . . Christmas cookies.

It doesn’t really matter what your resolution is just under four weeks into the new year is too early for substantial progress.  How can I say that?  It takes about seven weeks to establish a habit.  It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to break a bad habit or establish a new habit, it takes about 7 weeks for the new process to take the old habit’s place.

Motivation to change?  It will get you started.  Habit is what will sustain you over time but it will take time even to establish habit.

What can you do to make that change happen?  Pray.  Facing into God’s loving presence will help you find the light and energy you need to keep going.  But so can the prayers of others.  Ask your praying friends for help.  Whether its my writing accountability group, my fellow sopranos in choir or the other Bible students in women’s circle, someone will be by my side, nudging, encouraging and maybe even pulling me along.  It’s amazing how having someone by your side lightens (or perhaps Lightens?) the load.