Him: What’s wrong?

Me:  Nothing.

Him:  Seriously. What’s wrong?

Me:  Well, you are getting annoying but other than that nothing.

Him:  Then quit it.

Me: …

And this, my friends, is when we discovered that I sigh when my asthma is bothering me.  I’m not going to admit how many years I’d been dealing with asthma before my son put it all together but this made me wonder.  How many people assumed that I was aggravated when I was just trying to draw a deep breath.

Humans are social animals. We live in groups.  You’d think that this would make us really good at telling what others are thinking but I don’t think that’s the case.

We are rearranging the seating in choir and a few people missed the rehearsal when everyone got shifted around.  When I tried to tell one of my fellow sopranos where her new seat was, she covered her face with both hands.  She had some in late and we were in the middle of actually singing so I couldn’t strike up a conversation right then and there.  But I did wonder – what the heck?  Attitude much?  When I had the opportunity to ask, I found out that she was in the middle of a migraine.

God granted us all the power of speech.  How often though do we make assumptions instead of making human connections and asking – what’s up?  There may not always be a problem or a problem we can address but we will have showed genuine carrying and made a connection.  We are, after all, social creatures.