It can be awfully hard you were wrong, especially when you jumped to a conclusion and held firm against a loud outcry.  I think that’s why things get heated so quickly on social media.

Gather facts?  Pfft.

It is much more important to post first and loudly stake your claim.  “This is my take on this situation and everyone else is an idiot!”

Name calling stirs up emotion and pretty soon we are demanding everyone take sides.  It’s no wonder that people find it so difficult to change their stance when facts emerge.

It’s enough to make me wonder if “slow” was a 2018 thing that we won’t see anymore.  Slow food was home cooked and often took a full day to simmer.  Slow crafting meant knitting or quilting a gift by hand vs employing a machine.

Maybe those of us who gather together at PrayPower can start a slow news or slow opinion trend.  Facts must be gathered.  It may take days if not longer.  While we wait, we can cook and knit and pray.  We can break the chain that holds us fast to pandering to Facebook for likes and free ourselves from seeking retweets.

Slow.  Prayerful.  Considered.