We live not far from a park with the perfect sledding hill.  Not the one in front.  Everyone learns the hard way that that particular hill empties into a narrow shallow creek.  It is a long walk home with wet snow pants.

But the hills in back?  Long and varied.  There are shallow slopes for the unsure, steep slopes for the brave, and everything in between.

Every time he had a snow day, my son begged to sled.  Often I ended up there with one other mom and a herd of kids.  Some snows were excellent for sledding and others just bogged the sled down.  But every time in snowed, even when it was below zero, we had to try.

That’s why I paired this photo with this quote.  Sledding didn’t work out every time, but every time it snowed, we had to try.  Hope shaped our plans to a much greater extent than failure.

May God help us to find this faith as we head into Christmas, close out the year, and turn the page of a new calendar!