I had to agree with the woman standing next to me at the post office.  The line did seem slow.  But I handle boredom about as well as your average toddler.  Fortunately more people were coming in so I could people watch.

One woman was struggling to build a box. I don’t think she’d ever used packing tape before but a man stepped up to give her a hand.

A young man came in and walked to the front of the pick up line. He was wearing a uniform shirt. They handed him a bin of mail.  That’s kind of cool.  City employees get served first.

Before I knew it, they were calling my number.  Back in the car, I noted that 19 minutes had passed and I had been tenth in line.  It hadn’t really been all that slow.  But it could have turned into a painful experience.

This time of year can be stressful enough.  Let’s now make it worse by focusing on the shadow.  Instead, turn to face the Light.