I can’t say that I’m always upbeat, but I do try to be hopeful.  Not that I always pull it off.

This time of the year is tough for me.  Apparently, I need a certain amount of sunlight.  And I stress.  And I get hangry too.

So how do I pull off hope when it is dark, stressful and no one has given me a snack?  Fortunately, I genuinely like winter.  I like the cold.  I love snow.  And dark? I actually like that too.  Especially when it’s snowing.  I love the sounds and stand on the porch and listen to snow pop and creak.

Winter is a time of preparation.  One of the things that we are preparing for at my church is an update to our community garden.  We accidentally planted way too many cucumbers but the food bank came out the winner.  This year we are adding fruit trees that the local aborist tells us should be planted in spring.

That gives us two months to pick out our trees and raise the funds.  Two months to prepare for several years of growth.  Vegetables for this summer.  Fruit trees for the future.

Hope.  We plant it today and harvest it tomorrow.