“I can’t do it.”

Have you ever thought that when an idea pops into your head?  That’s what happened years ago when I had been praying about how to enrich my worship.  Simply attending service felt lean and unfulfilling.  There had to be more.  So I prayed.

Join the choir.

“I can’t do it.” I didn’t care what that still small voice said.  That was just crazy.  I had heard the soloists and that was not me.  Besides, family members laughed out loud when I told them.

But the thought wouldn’t leave me be.  It came to me in the labyrinth.  And then one Sunday the choir director walked up to me.  “You need to join.”  He never did tell me what moved him to approach me.  But I did join.

And I won’t lie.  It wasn’t easy.

I can’t read music.  I’m dyslexic.  And I hate it when people watch me.

But, oddly enough, I love choir.  And thank God, literally, that I’m tall enough to stand in the back row.  I feel like I’m hiding.

Not only did joining the choir enrich my worship, I’ve found great friends and a book idea.

It might not have been the right path for everyone, but it was for me.  When you hear that voice, listen.  Don’t make someone chase you down.