Wisdom is a hard-won commodity.  I’m saying that as a parent.

In high school, my son knew, absolutely knew, what he was going to do for college.  We tried to warn him.  “You need a second choice.  You need plans in case those don’t work out.”

What could we possibly know?  This is a new age!  A new world.  There is little or no resemblance to the dinosaur planet where his father and I spent our teen years.

Then Choice #1 fell through.  He was fairly unpleasant to be around even as we stifled the urge to point out that we had, in fact been right,  But he came up with a plan and it has worked out really well.

The other day, a friend asked what he was up doing and I filled her in.  Another friend, whose daughter is 3 years older than my son, started asking questions.  “He’s going to do X, more or less.”  “More or less?”  “I don’t know the details.  He’s taking care of it.”  “Do you really think that’s a good idea?  You need to –”

Not my circus.

That’s the hard-won wisdom of a college Mom.  He didn’t want to hear it in high school.  He sure doesn’t want to hear it now.  And really?  He needs to figure it out.  Adulting is tough, but he’s doing a really good job.  In another year, he’ll have an associate degree and money in the bank. He will owe absolutely nothing.  And he has a plan.

What if it doesn’t work out?  He’ll figure out another plan.  He managed to do it before in spite of our attempts to interfere.

Besides, I’m not the mom of a little kid.  I’m the mom of a college student.  When the laundry arrives, I wash it.  I make sure there’s coffee and food – enough for him and his buddies.  Because they’ve started showing up on weekends.  Adulting is tough so we’ll be cheering them on even as we make sure they get a square meal.