Yesterday I didn’t manage to read blogs so I missed Lori’s Just My Two Cents until today.  Yet again, I find that we are on much the same wavelength.

I have to admit that I’ve once again (more-or-less) declared a news black out.  I watched so little of the recent Senate hearings that I don’t generally admit that I saw anything at all.

I considered it.  But then I saw someone roll her eyes.  No, she’s wasn’t verbally objecting but seriously?  Anyone who has ever met a teen ager knows what that means.  It is not a sign of respect.  It doesn’t mean one person is listening to another.  Nope.  “Why are you even taking up space?”  The message is loud and clear.

Speaking over each other.  Silencing.  No, I just couldn’t let it into my space.

And I’m not talking one side or the other.  It was embarrassing just how many of these people who claim to care about their constituents were using others to look powerful, to look knowledgable, to look right.

Listening?  Nope.

Staging?  Yes.

Putting others above themselves?  Honestly, I only lasted through a few minutes.  Maybe someone did some time I wasn’t watching.