Isn’t it funny when your kids echo you and don’t even realize that’s what they are doing?

As a lifeguard, my son often works with young swimmers.  The other day boys from a group home visited the pool.  As a former scout, my son slipped into his older-scout mode.  These are my rules.  They seem strict but they will keep you safe.

He admits that he is much stricter than other guards who don’t explain things and then have to get on the kids.  But he was also surprised that the kids really like him.  When he goes on break and comes back, they get excited.

What he doesn’t realize is that he’s mirroring his father’s parenting style.  He always complained about his Dad’s rules but they’ve always had a great relationship.  And really? They get up to a great deal of mischief together it just happens to involve safety glasses and sometimes even hearing protectors.

But it also seems like a good reason to spend time in prayer.  If we are going to mirror what we are exposed to, it seems best that we mirror light and love in a world that so badly needs both.