Trying to do social media on my phone is a bit of a nightmare so I have to admit that when we leave town I leave it all behind. Facebook?  Twitter?  Yeah, my phone isn’t cooperating.

So I was a little surprised when I got home and everyone was griping about Nike.  Burning their gear.  Cutting off the swoosh logo.

As a hardcore introvert, people often baffle me and I assumed that that was the issue.  People are just kind of odd, you know?

It probably took me two days to connect Collin Kaepernick to the whole thing.  Seriously, when I’m clueless, I don’t mess around.

Now that I’ve caught on, I almost feel compelled to go out and buy a pair of shoes.  What’s stopping me?  I hate shopping.  And I don’t need a pair of shoes.  And I’ve never worn Nike, but that may change.

Because I really respect Kaepernick.  I respect him for having the nerve to risk a multi-million dollar contract over a stance.  I respect him for the stance he chose – I’m kind of nutty about freedom.  And I respect him for sticking with it even when things heated up.

But Kaepernick took a knee for people who aren’t heard and seen as they should be because he knew he could be heard. He stood up for the least of these.

As much as I hate shopping, I may have to make a stop.