It has been a hectic couple of weeks.  There have been two trips out of town this summer.  Several book rewrites.  My son is working at not one but two pools, one city and one college.  None of it has been bad but when my husband suggested that we do something fun as a family on Saturday, I suggested boy time.  Translation:  Why don’t you two go do something and leave me at home by myself.  Then we found out that the boy has to take someone else’s shift at the college pool or some event has to be cancelled.

Yes, that whimper you heard was me.  Quiet time, so close.

Around here stillness is really hard to come by.  I’m goal oriented so I tend to have an end in sight.  And when any of us do sit down, along comes the husband.  “If you aren’t busy why don’t you…”

Fortunately, I like those kinds of jobs that are more or less still and messy.  The kind that can’t be interrupted easily.  I polished silver.

Silver?  Who has silver?  You have to polish it.

Indeed.  I got out a pair of gloves and the polish.  I had polished the creamer and was working on the sugar bowl when I heard footsteps.  “If you aren’t busy, can you–”

“Sure.” I held out my grey, gunky gloves.  “Help me get these off.”

“No, no.  That’s okay.”

For forty minutes, I stood at the sink.  I applied gunk.  I wiped off gunk.  I buffed.  For forty minutes, I got to do something simple with no interruptions.  Things seemed a lot less hectic.

Do you need peace?  Find something tedious that will keep your hands busy but let your  mind roam.  And really, it helps if it is just a touch messy.  Polish silver.  Repot plants.  Bake bread.  Brush the cat.  That isn’t truly messy but when someone tries to interrupt she will shoot them down with that imperious stare.

During these kinds of tasks, your mind has time to open up and listen.