Not surprisingly, I’ve been biting my tongue a lot about the situation with The View and Judge P.  Personally, I’ve suspected all along that Judge P. went on the view knowing that she could probably pick a fight and she did it with intention.  She has, after all, a book to push.  On Sunday, a friend posted a “Judge P was just sticking up for poor picked on President Trump because no other President has had to put up with such sass” meme.

Really?  Because I remember people hanging Obama in effigy.  Don’t tell me that fake lynching the man wasn’t serious.  And I’ve seen the anti-Lincoln political cartoons at the Lincoln Museum in Springfield.  Please, let’s not forget how the criticism against him ended.

Sunday I pointed this out.  Another woman came on and challenged me.  No, this is worse than ever before.  So I questioned her – how can you measure it to know?  I seriously debated sending that response but I did.

Then we had a long conversation about how we would both like to see statistics on anti-Presidential commentary and we don’t want to see it just for Trump and Obama.  We want Lincoln and Kennedy and Nixon.  Carter too.  We had a conversation.  And at the end of it we thanked each other.  It is far too easy to justify picking a fight and turning the other cheek does not come naturally to me.

Maybe just maybe we inspired someone else to have a conversation.  It is far too easy to justify picking a fight.  Who knows?  We can only hope.