The last month has been super stressful.  We finally finished cleaning out Dad’s house.  It was brutal.  Because he’d had a stroke before he moved out, we couldn’t just look at a box and say “junk.”  The top item might be a mailer.  Next is an old Christmas card, a screwdriver, a table knife and, at the bottom, an antique cook book.  That box of envelopes?  We opened them all and found $425.00.

In addition to working at Dad’s, I’ve been working.  So far this year I’ve written and rewritten 4 books under contract and I’m working on 4 more of my own.  And because everyone needs more stress, I just contracted for 2 more.  What can I say?  I like electricity and food.

Choices like these shape us all.  I’ve brought way too much from Dad’s into the house.   When I’m working a lot of hours, I’m not always good about picking up as I go let alone as I bring things into the house.   To say it is now cluttered is an understatement.

Since we got home from the Smoky Mntns, I’ve made a point of picking up a little each day.  In two days, I’ve emptied a box, found four empty boxes and taken all of those plus packing material to a friend who is moving.  Every time I walk past this space at the bottom of the basement stairs, I smile.  Space, apparently, makes me happy.  I think that’s part of why vacations are so relaxing.  We are in open uncluttered spaces.

I’m also crocheting like mad.  I need to figure out an instruction on the llama pattern but I’m also finishing up a black bear.  Making something with my hands nourishes and calms me.

Feeling stressed?  Unable to hear God’s voice as you go through your day? Take a look at what you are doing.  Then look for a simple change you can make that will open up space where you need it.  It might be physical space.  It might be space in your heart or mind. Let what you do shape you in a positive way.