Not happy with how things are in this world?  Tired of the swirling chaos and negativity? Thoughts and words, my friends.  Both have a huge impact.

I’m not saying that there aren’t bad things that need to change. There are.  Just this week, two workers died in St. Louis, Mo where I live.  Somehow the cage they were in while working in an elevator shaft disconnected from the safety line and fell.  It is horrible and the cause of the accident is being investigated.  Yet I saw that someone today is using this event to “prove” that elevators are unsafe.

The scariest part?  Watching people jump on her bandwagon.  She says elevators are unsafe.  Doesn’t that make it so?

Can I issue everyone who reads this a challenge?  For a day, when you don’t like something and the world seems bad, step back and look.  Are you creating negativity?  Making something worse or bigger than it is?

The world is  complicated place.  Acknowledge the impact that your thoughts and words have on how you see things.  Why not look for God’s light instead of the Darkness?