I am a painfully sarcastic person.  In truth, I’m fairly certain English is my second language and sarcasm is my first.

Snarky humor aside, I’m also basically positive.  Drop a problem down in front of me and I’ll brainstorm solutions with you.

But waking up each day with a positive attitude.  I’m not 100% there in part because I am a night owl.  Even when I get to bed and get to sleep, I approach the next day with caution.  Because of that, if you encounter me too early, I’m not going to seem positive.  I’m still waking up and preparing to actually interact.

Once that’s done, I’m generally good to go.

If, like me, you take a bit of time to warm up to positive, you know yourself.  Take the time you need.  You’ll enjoy the world much more and your positivity will help spread God’s love.