I don’t really understand why my husband and son can’t remember which herb in the garden is which. Chives do not resemble sage.  Oregano and peppermint may look similar but the smell of each is revealing. But I have learned that I better check which one they’ve handed me.  Of course, I didn’t remember that until after the tarragon went into the fritata.  Fortunately, it was a really good mistake.

Not all mistakes have such delicious results but that’s okay.  I’m a firm believer that without mistakes and accidental discoveries, we stagnate.  Me?  I’m not in much danger of stagnating because each and every day is a series of oops, rats, not what I meant to happen.

Frankly, it isn’t hard to imagine myself bumbling my way across the wilderness although I would like to think that it wouldn’t take me quite 40 years.  But who knows?  It could take longer.