Those who know me well are laughing themselves silly over today’s quote. I am beyond terrified of heights.  Try to get me on a step stool to change a light bulb and you will discover just how little a person can do when she won’t let go and use both hands.  My husband has told me that watching me reglaze windows on a ladder is painful.  Yeah, well being up there isn’t a treat either, buddy!

My kid?  Sometimes I think aliens dropped him off.  Hopper window at the top of the fellowship hall won’t close?  No biggie.  Guess who does a chin up onto the roof to check it out?  Yeah, I wasn’t there when he did that one.

As much as I loathe getting both feet off the ground, I will reach when it comes to trying new things.  That’s what makes writing and yoga so much fun. There’s always something new to try.  And, lucky for me, God is always challenging us to use our special talents to help others out.

That said sometimes I still have to push myself to let go.