“What’s wrong?”


“No really.  You can tell me.”

Nothing, really.”

I don’t know how many conversations like this I had with people before I realized that my resting face may resemble a scowl.  No, really.  I’m just figuring something out.  It’s no big surprise that I thought life would be easier if my resting face was a smile.

Then I noticed my son smirking in the midst of whatever.  I don’t actually remember what was going on but a smirk was not appropriate.

“Quit smirking.”

“What smirk?”

“The one on your face.”

“What smirk?”

Oh, well.  Apparently the resting smirk face causes just as much trouble because people wonder what you are up to.  Still a smile is a great way to connect with people.  When you check out, when someone takes your order, when you ask for help, look the person in the eye and smile.  Spread a bit of God’s light and love as you go about your day.