So often we let perfectionism stop us in our tracks.  I’m fiddling around redoing some things in my office and I’ve decided to paint my door with chalkboard paint.  Then I’ll attach my bulletin board to the top of the door and I won’t have to paper clip gift cards to my calendar.  I’ll pin them to the board.

“But what if you don’t like it?  Won’t chalk be messy?”

I’m amazed by the number of people who have balked.  My father went so far as to wish I wouldn’t do it.  Seriously?  It’s paint.  If I don’t like using it as a chalkboard, then I just have a black door.  And if I don’t like the black, I can and will repaint it.  This isn’t like getting a degree and then not wanting to work in the field.  The door’s a mess already.

But what if…?

What if it turns out great?  Or even just okay?

God gives us talents and inspiration.  But how often do we talk ourselves out of giving something a shot because it might be hard or messy?  Or we may not succeed on the first try?

Yes, this “whatever, let’s try it” attitude can sometimes yield questionable results.  Note:  I have a really bright green door into the back of the garage.  But in truth?  It looks way better than the weathered white paint did.  And, anyway, it’s just paint.  I could repaint it but I actually kind of like it.

Now if only it would quit raining.  I’ve got to get going on this door.