The Hubble Space Telescope recently recorded a spectacular cosmic clash – two galaxies colliding into a kind of hostile merger. Even with all that space in space (!) these two blooming galaxies have to duke it out, jostling for a spot.

Doesn’t it seem as if there’s always someone with another perspective ready to tussle with you? I found it interesting how this news story was framed in dramatically different ways:

At Long Last, Flat Earth Rocketeer Finally Manages to Blast Himself Into the Sky at God Knows What Speed

Self Taught Rocket Scientist Finally Blasts Off Into California Sky

Whatever impression you may form of “Mad Mike” Hughes, there’s no denying that he put his life on the line for his beliefs.

Today, across the country, March for Our Lives rallies were held in support of gun control. It was a moment in which the youth made themselves heard.

As with every heated subject, some disagreed with the focus of the march. Former Senator Rick Santorum made waves by saying students should learn CPR, not worry about gun laws.

Still, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, it’s hard not to admire the passion and principle of these student leaders. They’re going all in, as if they’re in the fight of their lives.

Pope Francis spoke to a crowd during his Palm Sunday address, encouraging young people to continue speaking up. “Even if others keep quiet, if we older people and leaders – so often corrupt – keep quiet, if the whole world keeps quiet…I ask you: Will you cry out?”