Crocus are one of my favorite flowers.  Not that I’ve ever seen them push their way through the snow.  Here in Missouri when they come in March we don’t usually have snow although we do have brown grass and a scattering of dead leaves.  Still the yellow, white, and purple show against the dingy background.  I also think of them as rising to the challenge.

Something to remember about crocus – they don’t bloom for all that long.  And when they bloom, they’ve been underground.  I also thinking of them as conserving their energy waiting for just the right moment to shine.

So how do you react to a challenge?  Nine times out of ten, I’m there, shoulder down, pushing back.  I am ready.

But sometimes a challenge will knock me flat.  Or, worse yet, I react like a three-year-old. That’s what happened this past week.   Adult tantrums are not attractive.  Let’s just say that I’m glad it happened at home where there are fewer witnesses.

Smart people retreat to their hermitage before they reach this point.  They know that they need to maintain the balance that I wrote about yesterday.   And I’m pretty good at that.  But every once in a while I don’t realize I’m off-balance.  This past week I hadn’t been getting enough sleep.  I don’t need as much as some people but I do need more than I was getting.

Fortunately I have a pretty smart teenager in the house.  He pointed out that no where in the Bible did it say to push yourself until you lose it.  Not even in the Mom version.  So today, although it is past lunch time, I am still barefoot.  I’ve actually still got my pajamas on.  Yes, I’ve been puttering around in my office but today has been nothing like what the world considers productive.  It is my version of a hermitage.

So I’m going to post this then I’m back to the living room sofa where I will be indulging in a mystery.   From the sofa, I can see the crocuses.