A couple of weeks ago was my birthday.  It was so much fun to get together with family and friends.  It was especially fun because my sister-in-law had my age wrong and had gotten me a bit elaborate HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY CARD.  I hope she wasn’t embarrassed because I’m actually older than 50 so I took it as a compliment.

But the highlight was a friend who popped in only for 30 minutes.  We hadn’t seen each other in years but she made a point of coming by since I had invited her.  As I introduced her around, I’d explain who everyone was.  “She knits. So does she.”  Soon people were introducing themselves.  “I don’t knit. I make jewelry.”

Then my friend had a great idea.  “We need to see each other more.  We should get together and knit or whatever.”

So guess what we’re doing tonight?  In spite of work deadlines, home improvement projects gone awry and recent illness, six of us are getting together tonight to craft and eat and visit and laugh.  We all have tons of things that we could be doing but really?  Who doesn’t need the love and support of friends?

As a card-carrying introvert, it is easy for me to pull into my shell when I’m stressed and tired.  Thank God for sending me an extroverted friend to make a suggestion I just couldn’t resist.

Reach out and show someone a spark of God’s Love today.