If you are spending any time on social media lately, you have a pretty good idea what people think about each other.  Fool.  Idiot.  Moron.  The litany of names is endless.  Is it really any surprise that people cannot come together to find a solution while the hate-filled names are flying?  Who wants to work with someone who just called them an ass?  Instead of cooperating it makes you want to pick their argument apart.

Before you let your fingers fly, take a moment.  Take ten.  Moments are, after all, small things.

Look outward.  Look inward.  Look wherever it is that you regularly sight all that is Holy.  Draw his love into your heart.  That means drawing in his love not only for you but for all of his flawed, squabbling children.  And maybe, just maybe, when you look back at the rest of us you will see things a little differently.