Why do I expect that the goals God sends my way will be easy?  You would think that by now I would have gotten past that silly thought.

Putting off doing the laundry is easy.

Dropping paperwork onto a pile on my desk?  Also easy.

Talking to someone I don’t know about social justice?  Not so easy.

Why is it so hard to talk about race and racism?  In part, it was how I was brought up.  You don’t talk about things that make people uncomfortable.  When I was a kid, it was easy enough to avoid discussing racism.  We lived on the more or less white side of the highway.  We still live in the same area but it is now much more diverse. Racism doesn’t go away just because you are now in a mixed race environment.

But that doesn’t mean we have the tools to deal with it.  Remember?  We were raised not to discuss uncomfortable things.  We have to learn to see.  We have to learn to speak.  After all, racism won’t be reduced until it is not just a black topic but also a white topic.   I have to admit.  It is much easier for me to write about than it is for me to talk about.

Maybe one day God will set me on an easy path but apparently not today.