Yesterday it was clear that one of my girlfriends was just frustrated.  “I’m trying to hard to make things better.  Why do they all focus on the negative?”

I wish I knew.  The fact of the matter is that some people seem to relish negativity.  They wrap themselves in it.  They parade it around.  They are constant prophets of doom.

But something hit me yesterday during church.  I don’t have to fix them.

Instead, I can do Christ’s work.  I can continue to hold up His Light.  Some of these people may notice.  Some of them may join me.  And if they do, welcome aboard.  But if they don’t?

My goal is to elevate Christ’s Light so that it can be seen by those who are simply lost.  It can offer hope to those who are seeking it.  It can draw in those praying for something better.  Those have been my goals all along.