Funny that this is the image slated for today.  You see the cat decided to sing us the song of her people until about 2:00 in the morning.  She woke us again at 6:45.  We only managed to ignore her because we put her in the basement.  Needless to say, we are not bundles of sunshine and happiness today.  And we have 20 or so people coming tonight for dinner.  Yep.

First world problems but we are also first order crabs today.  I’ve crabbed at him. He’s crabbed at me.  The boy has stayed out of it by simply refusing to get up.

The thing is that we can, at any point, simply make a decision. We may be tired but we don’t have to be crabby.

Yes, these are small things but how often do small things snowball when we decide to take them out on someone else?  Instead, we could choose to bring light.

Count to ten before answering.

Smile.  No, not the toothy feral monkey kind.  A genuine smile.

Hold the door open for someone.  Let someone else go in line before you.  They are all simple things, but little by little they add up.