Recently another writer asked me to share my five-year plan.  When I didn’t have one, she was flabbergasted.  “How are you going to get where you want to go without a five-year plan?”


Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that I’m so much more faithful than the next person, but seriously?  Does everything really go the way you planned?  If so, we need to meet because I’ve only ever read about people like you.  Never met one.

I periodically try to make a month-long plan.  Take January.  I had no deadlines.  I could work on my novel.  How’s it coming?  Well I haven’t gotten to work on it much.  “We need you to rewrite this manuscript before it goes to print.  We know you’ve already done it once but…”  And I landed a new job and accepted an invitation to a writing retreat in May but I have to send in a manuscript now.

I have vague sketchy plans.  They’re more like guidelines.  It cracks my friend Kathryn up.  She has a detailed plan.  And an alternate.  And another alternate just in case.  Me?  I know I need to get there — yep, that spot off in the distance.  I have a fair idea what the next two or three steps will be.  After that?  I’ll figure it out.  Don’t worry.

I’m not like this with everything.  But I do manage to pull it off in my work life.

Why?  This may sound a bit mystical but I believe God is at the wheel.  Work always comes when I need it.  Opportunities arise that I never would have conceived of on my own.  I’m not going to say it all comes together easily.  It’s been a lot of work (see above rewrite) but I’m helping create books that give something to young readers.

Five year plan?  I’d like to finish this novel but I’ll also be open to what opportunities come my way.  After all, who know when I’ll come to a turn in the road.