It is so easy. Sometimes I don’t think we even realize when we do it.

We’ve put together a new study for adult Sunday school and we share with others the many sources we read in doing the prep work.   Or maybe the task was committing a lengthy passage of scripture to memory.  Some of us work hard at our faith and we have no qualms about letting others know just how much effort we’ve put into it.

Oddly enough, that doesn’t tend to tempt people to Christ unless they like being caught up in a competition.

Steep yourself in faith.  Reflect the light that springs from it for others to see.  That’s what we’ve been called to do.  Martha, who did the labor of putting together a meal for Christ, is just as essential as Mary, who sat at his feet to listen to him teach.  It wasn’t until she demanded pity that Christ reprimanded her.

A little something for us Martha’s to consider as we go about our busy faith lives.